Root Canal Treatment in Gdansk

Our dentists always carry out root canal treatment using a microscope to ensure our patients long-term satisfaction with the results. We use a high-class Kaps™ operating microscope with an adaptor for Sony Nex™ digital cameras in both the primary and secondary root canal treatment. The microscope provides visibility and precision, which are the most important factors to guarantee effective treatment. It allows us to treat teeth which could not be otherwise saved.

Root canal treatment with a microscope enables:

  • finding all of the canals (in particular, narrow canals),
  • treating overgrown canals,
  • treating canals which have difficult anatomy,
  • removing broken instruments,
  • sealing the canals, and
  • repairing perforations.

To fill the canals in the treated teeth, we use the highest quality thermal systems. This part of the process is carried out using a specialised device for pressure filling root canals. This device permits thorough filling of the root canal system in three dimensions.