Reconstruction of chipped and broken teeth in Gdańsk


We use proven solutions to reconstruct chipped, broken or unsightly front and back teeth. For each patient we carry out thorough diagnostics and then establish an individual treatment plan to ensure a durable solution saving as much natural tissue as possible.

To restore the crowns of broken teeth, we use:


  • Inlays and composite Onlays. They are very durable and effective reconstruction. They protect the remaining tooth tissues and at the same time strengthen the tooth.
  • Ring crowns with a crown-root insert. Often, in the case where the tooth crown fracture is more extensive and passes through the pulp, this must be preceded by root canal treatment. Veneers – in the case of front teeth, where perfect aesthetics are required. In each case, the final choice depends on the condition of the tooth or teeth to be rebuilt. We consider what will give the most aesthetic and healthy result together with full functionality. The treatments and materials carried out by us perfectly reflect the natural shape and colour of the patient’s own teeth, which allows the patient to enjoy a healthy and beautiful smile again.

Aesthetic Dentistry Gdansk

We have been pioneers in implementing novel solutions for aesthetic dentistry for many years. In our dental centres, we apply the latest achievements of modern aesthetic dentistry, ensuring long-lasting effects:

  • we adjust and correct the shape of teeth,
  • we close interdental breaks,
  • we remove discolouration,
  • we fix improper tooth position.

In order to achieve a great smile for our patients, we prepare an individual treatment plan and remodel or rebuild the smile line and the length and shape of all teeth in the arch, in relation to the upper and lower lip. According to the treatment plan that we have established for each patient, we next perform aesthetic restorations of many teeth, or individual teeth. We use composite materials and/or prosthetic methods in the form of veneers and porcelain crowns.

All of our treatments are durable and of the highest quality. Our quality solutions result in a beautiful aesthetic effect without any damage to natural teeth. We provide a full range of comprehensive services in our offices that allow patients of all ages to achieve a beautiful smile and maintain it throughout their lives.