Conservative Dentistry in Gdansk


For many years we have been dealing with conservative dentistry, in prophylaxis and treatment of cavities resulting from caries, injuries or tooth clashes. With comprehensive diagnostics, there is even the possibility of early diagnosis and removal of tooth tissue damaged by caries., which means avoiding complications in the form of toothache and discomfort in the oral cavity.

We are committed to the comprehensive diagnosis and prevention of both tooth and gum diseases. Thanks to this, patients can enjoy the use of their own natural teeth much longer. We use the latest composite materials that allow the reconstruction of the front and rear teeth in a way that looks completely natural and restores the proper chewing function of each tooth.

We perform extensive restorations of back teeth: carrying out inlay and/or onlay reconstructions with composite and porcelain materials, which ensures greater tooth durability and strength, and additionally guarantees a great aesthetic finish. We care for the natural white colour of our patients’ teeth with a whitening method using individual braces and a plasma lamp. The comprehensive range of services offered in our dental centres allows our patients to enjoy a beautiful smile for many years.