Prosthetic Dentistry in Gdansk

For many years we have been providing our patients with a choice of a full range of prosthetic restorations. We use tooth crowns and bridges in our surgeries that are perfectly and individually matched to the colour of the patients’ natural teeth. Crowns and bridges perfectly imitate natural teeth in terms of function, aesthetics and comfort. We fit crowns in situations where the root of the patient’s tooth is still in good condition. The crowns protect the rest of the tooth against further damage and simultaneously fulfill the function and shape of natural teeth.

Crown and bridge proesthetic

In Podralscy Dental Centres all crowns and bridges are made with a Zirconia foundation. The crowns that we fit not only fulfil an aesthetic function, they also secure the tooth against fracture. This can be necessary following root canal treatment or during prosthetic rehabilitation, when other solutions are no longer possible. We use all-ceramic and composite tooth crowns: fused porcelain, pressed porcelain, Zirconia, metal-free. A bridge is a permanent restoration that we use to replace the lack of one or even several teeth. It is a prosthetic solution that is permanently cemented in the mouth. The bridge plays a functional and aesthetic role, restoring the function and shape of the lost teeth. In our practice, we use:
Zirconia bridges – the perfect cosmetic effect, while maintaining strength,
Metal-free composite bridges – as a temporary bridge while soft tissue is healing after surgery or during the preparation phase before final work.