Tooth Whitening in Gdansk


A beautiful smile is usually associated with beautiful, straight and above all white teeth. We have been carrying out tooth whitening treatments for many years, skillfully and methodically to help you achieve your best smile. In our offices we offer an effective, fully safe and convenient system of tooth whitening. We use a BEYOND™ lamp and gel for teeth whitening.

BEYOND™ Whitening

Beyond belongs to one of the most popular tooth whitening systems in the world. It involves applying a special whitening gel to the tooth surface and then activating it using a light accelerator. The use of “cold light” means that only one treatment is necessary and it has no side effects.

The whole procedure takes about 45 minutes, but its length may vary depending on individual cases. The BEYOND™ treatment is completely safe, which is confirmed by numerous scientific studies carried out over the years. After whitening, teeth do not become “more absorptive” to discolouration, and the durability of the treatment depends to the greatest extent on the expectations and lifestyle of the patient. The whitening effect remains visible for a minimum of 2 years.