Dental Surgery in Gdansk

Our dentists have many years of experience and continuously attend courses to advance their skills. As a result, we carry out tooth removal precisely and delicately and as painless as possible thanks to effective anaesthesia. When it is necessary to perform a more complicated tooth removal, we make use of spot or panoramic x-ray images that allow a full diagnosis of the situation before planning a course of action.

Surgical extractions

During tooth extraction in our clinics, we employ techniques that involve the least possible distress (minimising injury to soft tissues and adjacent teeth). This is also extremely important if the patient plans to get an implant in the future.

At Podralscy Dental Centres, we have been successfully providing comprehensive treatment in the field of dental surgery for many years. As part of the continuous improvement of their qualifications, our doctors regularly attend practical training sessions and symposia on dental surgery. Our experience of using more accurate, proven methods together with state-of-the-art equipment allow us to carry out treatments in the least invasive way. The various surgical procedures that we perform range from a simple removal (tooth extraction) to the most complicated activities such as those which are sometimes necessary before placing an implant or before orthodontic or prosthetic treatment.

We make sure that our patients feel comfortable during both the procedure and the recovery period. Therefore, when planning surgical procedures, we precisely match the anaesthesia to the stages of treatment, selecting appropriate medications in order to ensure a quick and painless healing process. Thanks to this approach to patient comfort, we effectively reduce discomfort to a minimum. Our team’s many years of experience in surgical procedures allow us to choose the most beneficial and least invasive solution for each patient. Our treatments also facilitate our patients’ long terms plans for restoring a full beautiful smile (for example, leaving as much tissue as possible for implant-prosthetic reconstruction).

In our dental centres, the most frequently carried out surgical procedures are:

  • Tooth removal,

  • Root resections (apicoectomy),

  • Cosmetic surgery of the gums,

  • Controlled bone regeneration,

  • Gum regeneration (gingival coverage),

  • Surgical removal of the upper and lower wisdom teeth (eights),

  • Surgical removal of impacted teeth,

  • Surgery of the upper and/or lower lip frenulum (prophylactic or supportive treatment of malocclusion),

  • Crown lengthening – this is necessary for prosthetic tooth reconstruction (with a crown), when the tooth is damaged below the gumline,

  • Procedures involving inflammation – such as abscess incisions or sinus-lifts,

  • All treatment is carried out under the highest standards of hygiene, using modern equipment and tools from world-known brands.